NYC Adventures Part 1

My most recent trip was two months ago. My husband and I spent one month in US from east coast to west coast. We got to visit friends and relatives while touring around. I was even lucky enough to celebrate my birthday in one of my favorite cities. This is a very long vacation but definitely worth it. There are so many amazing things we did on this trip.

On our way to New York, our supposedly 14 hour flight turned into a 24 dreadful hours due to a snow storm. Our flight was diverted to Toronto, Canada. We were supposed to arrive in the morning and have our friends pick us up but since our flight was delayed, we arrived late at night. My friend Beanne and her husband Mark were really kind and generous to offer their place for us to stay for almost 2 weeks. Since the flight drained our energy, we decided to call it a night and explore the city tomorrow morning.


Times Square is the major intersection in New York -also known as the Crossroads of the World- and one of the popular tourist destinations in Midtown Manhattan. We walked around the streets and visited different shops then grab something to eat at Nathan’s Famous. Your New York trip will never be complete unless you try their famous hotdogs. From here, we walked our way to the Empire State despite the cold weather.




The Empire State Building is a 102-story skyscraper also located in the streets of Midtown Manhattan. This is New York’s greatest landmark because once you are at the top of the building, you can clearly see the whole city. The building is usually lit up accordingly to the major events that happened; usually to pay tribute. You can also watch the sun rise at ESB for $100.

After a tiring walk from Times Square, we decided to buy a ticket that can access the 102nd-Floor Observation Deck. We spent the afternoon in this building. I must confess this is not my first time to go here but the view never gets old. I still adore seeing different parts of the city from the top.


86th-Floor Observation Deck

Adult: $32  Child: $26,

102nd-Floor Observation Deck

Adult: $52   Child: $46


How To Get There:

From Port Authority get off at the 34th St. then a 4 minute walk to the Empire State Building. ($12-$14)

Address: 350 5th Ave, New York, NY 10118, USA



It is an Urban Park in New York where you can stroll around, ride a carriage, go for a run, a picnic, or even have your dates. Unfortunately, it was winter time during our visit and going to the ice rink is the only activity you can enjoy. We can’t do much around the park but still it is a beautiful place where you should start your New York adventures.

On our first visit, we weren’t able to explore much because everything is covered with snow. The weather is very low which makes it hard for us to roam around because you can’t see much of the park and it is hard to walk because its too slippery.


How To Get There:

Take the subway in 42nd St. Bryant Park then get off at the 86th St. from there it is an 8 minute walk to the Central Park. ($3)


Take a bus in Madison Av/ E 47th St. then get off at the 84th St. from there the walk to Central park is 7 minutes away. ($2-$7)

Address: New York, NY 10024, USA



Jue Lan Club is a chinese bistro and bar located at the former LimeLight Nightclub. The ambiance has a cool and exclusive vibe. The servers are very professional and offers the best dining experience. Our group decided to dine here to celebrate my friend’s birthday. One of the reasons why we chose to visit the US at this time of the year is because we both celebrate our birthdays on the same month. I enjoyed every minute we had during our dinner and we even had few drinks and catching up.


How To Get There:

From Times Square take a subway at 42nd St.Bryant Park then get off at 23rd St. The ride cost $3. But if you prefer to take a cab it will only cost you $7-9.

Address: 49th W 20th St, New York, NY 10011 



Also known as the World Trade Center Station (PATH). The new Platform B was recently opened for the public to use the trains to transport to and from New Jersey. It was officially used by the public on March 4, 2016 replacing the train station that was destroyed during the 9/11 attack. It was a bittersweet feeling once you’re inside remembering the poor souls that was affected by the attack but also appreciating the beautiful surroundings.

Inside the Oculus is New York’s billion dollar train station with glass and steel design created by Santiago Calatrava, a Spanish architect. He also stated that he wanted to design the outside of the Oculus like a winged dove. The Oculus also has a mall inside. The skyline in the main hall is the best view during a sunny day though we weren’t able to see it because of the snow fall we were still able to wander around inside.

After the whole morning of walking and sightseeing, we went to Eataly for lunch (which I will discuss more on another blog post).

How To Get There:

From Times Square-42nd St. take the subway to Cortlandt St., from there the Oculus is 121 meters away. ($3)

Address: 33-69 Vesey St., New York, NY 10007, USA



Rockefeller consists of 19 high-rise commercial buildings. Once you’re at the top, it also has a nice view of New York City and they have restaurants and an ice rink. It is really fun to just walk around when you’re in New York. They have a captivating view especially at night when all the lights are lit.

We visited the Top Of The Rock on a different day because we don’t have much time during the first visit. It is really beautiful up there. I do recommend to get your tickets as early as possible so you won’t get caught up in a long queue.

We had a lot of walking and exploring in a cold weather and went to Magnolia Bakery to grab something. The bakery is famous for their delicious handmade cupcakes, cakes, cheesecakes, and so much more. Everything is freshly made from scratch each day.

How To Get There:

From Times Square it is just a 12 minute walk, but there are many options. If you’re going to take the subway, 42nd St. – Bryant Park then get off at 47th-30th St. – Rockefeller Ctr. for $3. You can also take the New York City Transit(MTA) from 6th AV/W 41th St. to 6th AV/W 48th St. for $2-$7. From there Rockefeller is just 200 meters away.

Address: 45 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY 10111, USA


My New York trip this year is a lot different than my other New York trips because this time I’m with my husband. I got to show him the places I’ve been before and got to experience it again with him. Watch out for the part 2 of my New York trip and the other places we went to!


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