Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market is an all-in-one building where you can find a shopping mall, food market, and other offices in one establishment located in the Chelsea neighborhood in Manhattan. It is a lot like Eataly, but it offers more. They have more selections of various stuff from the cheapest to most expensive food. You can get fresh meat, seafood, cheese, and many more.

Since you can dine in here, they make the best food from fresh ingredients. There is always something for someone inside like in food choices and if you’re a shopping type of a person. All the stores inside is all very different from one another which is really great because you can choose from any of it depending on your taste. It is also perfect if you just want to take a break in the afternoon and grab a snack.

My friends and I went here for an afternoon snack and took a break in exploring the city. While we are there, we checked what’s inside since it wasn’t as nice during my first visit. Though it is packed with people and the place can really be busy, I had a great experience and the food was really delicious.

I ordered Pastrami Rueben from Friedman’s Lunch which I highly recommend because it’s really really good. It’s perfect for a snack or lunch if you’re on the go.

We also tried the Paprika Currywurst of Berlin Currywurst and it was also good and authentic. I had a great time eating here in Chelsea Market because we were all satisfied with the food we ordered.

I highly encourage everyone visiting NYC to try it out! It is definitely an experience.


How To Get There: 

From Times Square take the subway from 42nd St. – Port Authority Bus then get off at 14th St. from there the Chelsea Market building is just a few meters away. The subway costs $3.

Address: 75 9th Ave, New York, NY 10011

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