Napa Valley: Castello di Amorosa, Andretti Winery, Robert Mondavi Winery

The day after our arrival in San Francisco, we were picked up early to have a winery tour. My husband and I loved and enjoyed some drinks. I’m really looking forward for this tour because I’m excited to see how the grapes are processed to a delectable wine and how it is preserved.

Our tour itinerary gave us a list to pick 3 winery to visit. These are the top 3 winery that we have chosen:

Castello di Amorosa (

Our first stop is at Castello di Amorosa. We toured around the grounds where they beautifully took care of their products. We walked on the valley to get a closer look of the vineyards. Everything is organized depending on their age and stored in a barrel inside. We tasted the wine straight from the barrel where it is preserved. We got a little carried away and enjoyed our wine that we felt dizzy for a while. Luckily, we took our lunch soon after the tasting.


Second stop is at Andretti Winery (

This is rated as the best winery on the list! Owned by an Italian but the winery has a Spanish vibe inside. In every tasting room, they pour us their best red, white, and sweet wine. It was so hard for us to choose our favorite because everything that we had is different from the other which makes them uniquely good! Swirl, sip, and swoon over its structure and balance!
Every person’s taste bud is different and you can compare it to the other wines you’ve tasted before like what we had in Tuscany.


The last winery we visited is at Robert Mondavi! (

Out of the three winery that we visited, this is what we enjoyed the most! They have the most beautiful winery for me. I loved the ambiance and the vibe which made this our favorite. Although we got carried away from the first winery, we still had few drinks in here. Of course! We wouldn’t miss on tasting their wine!

After our tour, we headed back to the city and was dropped off at our hotel. The whole day tour was pretty tiring because we did a lot of walking but the overall experience is above and beyond! We definitely had a good time. I was really fascinated at the beauty of each winery. Now, I’m looking forward to visit the other winery on the list!




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