Old Souk + Gold Souk — Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reasons why you should visit the Old Souk and Gold Souk! Old Souk has a large number of small stores selling wide range of products including Arabian textile, clothes, footwear, and souvenirs on a much cheaper price. It is located in the heart of old Dubai, in Deira and is adjacent to the Gold Souk. While the Gold Souk offers you a great deal on different kinds of jewelry. But I suggest that you check the daily gold rate before heading down. Most of the stores charge per gram and others per karat.

The Old and Gold Souk needs to be seen at least once by everyone who visits Dubai. It has been around for almost 100 years and it’s also a part of their history. The store owners in the souk told us stories about how they were born and raised here, taking over from their fathers. There’s something in every corner for everyone.

It was late afternoon when we arrived in Old Souk. As we explore every shop, I found so many vintage pieces and souvenirs that are quite unique. You can also bargain here with the price of Jewelries in Gold Souk. It usually depends on the daily gold rate which tends to change.

An Abra‫ ‬is a traditional boat made of wood. It is used to ferry people across the Dubai Creek. They travel between the water station at Bur Dubai side and the water station at the Deira side.

The worlds’ heaviest ring is located here at Dubai’s Gold Souk, the Najmat Taiba or Star of Taiba. Endorsed by the World Gold Council, the ring made by Taiba Gold and Jewellery of Saudi Arabia has a certificate from the Guinness Book of Records certifying its ‘weight in gold’. It is worth approximately Dh2.2million. This gigantic ring is just 314g shy of 57 kg in weight, and is studded with 5.17 kg of Swarovski stones.




Bur Dubai
United Arab Emirates

Nearest Metro Station(s): Al Fahidi, Al Ghubaiba



United Arab Emirates

Nearest Metro Station(s): Al Ras, Palm Deira





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