Aquaventure Waterpark at Atlantis The Palm, Dubai

Dubai’s known for having the biggest, largest and most luxurious things you can imagine. Atlantis, The Palm as one of their luxury hotels is situated in the outer ring of the man-made landmark island- The Palm Jumeirah and it is known for being the largest waterpark in the Middle East and Europe. No doubt, it is also the most visited resort. Be sure not to miss this waterpark on your visit in Dubai. Aquaventure will bring you the best experience with their record-breaking water slides and rides. They have a lot of things to offer like the Leap of Faith with a height of about 60 feet, near vertical drop feeling like your doing a free fall. But it doesn’t end from there coz Poseidon’s Revenge is a much more thrilling experience going inside a capsule that has a trapdoor that opens and drops you to about 75 feet before the slide arcs you through a double loop was insane. These slides are the most thrilling and scariest but fun thing you can enjoy at the Aquaventure Waterpark. Conquer your fear of heights and enjoy the ride. After all the breathtaking experience, you can also stay and relax at the beach.

My husband and I spent a day in the Aquaventure Waterpark. We bought our tickets online in advance to save time. It was a day full of fun and excitement as you go through our photos. First, we tried the Leap of Faith. As I told you guys earlier, this slide is one of the scariest and almost vertical in angle. It will make you leave your stomach behind. The screams are everywhere. I felt like I’m out of control for a few seconds. Then I landed smoothly and I can’t deny how shocked I was for a moment. After this slide, all my fear had washed out and I’m not bothered to do it again haha. It was an amazing experience!


The Slitherine is the world’s first dual waterslide. It will let you experience the twists and turns as you race with your friend and see who’s the fastest. My husband and I also tried this and I’m the last one to land haha.



Our next stop was the Aquaconda. This is a wild ride as you go through the dark and twisting tunnel. We were dropped into a large glass tube. It was so much fun!


The Zoomerango will let you experience a mix of excitement from the vertical zooms with bursts of weightlessness when you reach the top. It’s a nice ride for groups and families.


We are still up for some thrills so we tried the most intriguing slide of this waterpark- The Poseidon’s Revenge. There is a trap door that opens beneath your feet to drop you straight down at high speed (75 feet) before rocketing you in a double loop. Before doing this, the lifeguard will weigh you and if you pass you can go inside the capsule and wait for a few seconds then the trapdoor opens.

I can still imagine the fear I had when the floor falls out and really scared as hell of what’s gonna happen next. It was so steep! After what I’ve been through, I can say it was the best slide ever! Definitely worth a try.

After experiencing the rides, we decided to take the water coasters to relax and enjoy the lazy river. The rapids offer the excitement of white water all throughout. Then we went back to the beach and rest for awhile. Luckily, the weather was good.

We are so thrilled and delighted experiencing this waterpark. It is the perfect place for those thrill seekers out there. Again, this waterpark shouldn’t be missed when your in Dubai. It will surely give you the best experience when it comes to the most thrilling and world record-breaking rides.

Palm Jumeirah Monorail Dubai:
Click HERE for more information
Operating Hours:
10:00 AM5:30 PM
Crescent Road | Atlantis, The Palm, Dubai, United Arab Emirates
For Aquaventure Waterpark Ticket Price and Reservation: Click HERE






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