OOTD: Black Dress

Dress? A piece of clothing that won’t give you a headache. Unlike wearing a jeans where you need to think of what top to pair. Style wise, a dress just need a pair of nice shoes or sandals and a bag and you’re good to go. Also, you can wear them in any occasion or season. Just find a dress that you like and comfortable with. The key to look good with your dress is to get a style that fits your body type perfectly. Over the years, black dress is always on spotlight. No matter what season we are in, black is back.

I bought my black dress on sale and I have no idea where to wear them. After awhile, we had a trip to Bali and I suddenly thought of bringing it coz there are days that you just don’t wanna think of what to wear. I simply paired it with my black sandals and just a pop of colorful bandana on my head to add style to my look. I always consider dresses as a wardrobe staple coz these are the things that we go back from time and time again. It’s about sticking on an outfit that is appropriate for the occasion and doing it quickly.

Have a nice week ahead! 😊

Eyewear: Shopnicolesyjuco (IG: @shopnicolesyjuco)
Earrings: Forever 21
Bandana: Bershka
Dress: H&M
Sandals: Ramir.ph (IG: @ramir.ph)
Bag: Bamboo Bag (IG: @thepennyworthshop)




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