OOTD: Minimalism

Minimalist fashion is not only about playing it safe. While it’s mostly centered with simple and basic, it also explores the visual appeal of forms, shapes, textures, and lines. There is something into it like playing with different shades of the same color or different textures. Also, minimalist fashion is always mixed with the classic and the modern. Most of the time, it is much easier to make a statement with this kind of dressing and by having limited choices of colors while transforming this outfit into a unique one. It was often underestimated as they can see basic pieces but the fit and quality are more striking. Adding twists to it is by having a statement bag, jacket or high heels not to look boring. For some inspiration check my photos below.

Have a nice week ahead! 😊

Earrings: Zara
Top: Mango
Cullotes: Zara
Shoes: Zara
Bag: Balenciaga (Mini City Edge Metallic)







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