Nusa Penida | A Day Trip from Bali

If you are planning a trip to Bali and you want to explore the other side of this Island, Nusa Penida is a place to visit and indeed a piece of paradise! It is located in the southeast of Indonesia’s island- Bali and the biggest among the three Nusa Islands from the mainland of Bali. The Island is quite big and has so many things to explore. The Nusa Penida is hilly and the roads are for improvement so don’t expect that it’s gonna be a smooth ride after all. But every scenery is worth it and the breathtaking views are exceptional.

How to get there when you’re in Bali? From Sanur Beach, it will take 35 minutes by boat. Usually, the trip leaves in the morning around 8am. My husband and I got a tour package from Visit Nusa Penida and they have an IG Page where you can check the rates and what are the things to do but I will still give all the details below.



The first stop is Kelingking Beach. The number one spot for Instagram is the T-rex shaped beach with a beautiful rock formation sticking out of the deep blue sea and the white sand beach below is truly amazing. It was a great experience that my husband and I took so many pictures but it can get crowded up there. So you have to move fast and give your best shot. Another thing you can do here aside from the amazing view of this beach, you can hike down to Kelingking Beach and it will take 45 mins. one way. We didn’t go cause the staircase are so steep and it might take so much of our time.



Our next stop is Angel’s Billabong. This place is magical and the natural pool seems to be the perfect spot to swim but be careful coz the waves can crash you. Sadly, so many people died in here when the big waves slam into the natural pool and drag people back into the ocean. The best way to see this beauty is in the late afternoon the waves are quite calm and manageable. It was one of the unique spots in Nusa Penida with its remarkable formation.



A few minutes away by foot from Angel’s Billabong is the Broken Beach a little Cove from Nusa Penida. They call it “Broken Beach” because way back it was once a massive cave then the roof collapsed and now it’s a walled bay with an archway that wraps around and allowing water to flow in and out. You can also continue hiking along the rough coastline with its massive cliffs. This place is also a great spot for taking photos.

After seeing almost all the nicest spots to visit in Nusa Penida our lunch was provided by the tour. We had a traditional Nasi Lemak and it was quite good. As soon as we finished our lunch, we are headed to our last stop Crystal Bay Beach.



Last stop was the Crystal Bay Beach. We’re a bit tired from all the nicest spots we’ve been through. So we decided to have a dip and refresh. This beautiful bay offers a lot of activities like snorkeling and diving. Unfortunately, we don’t have enough time as we only had a one day tour around Nusa Penida. We simply enjoyed the sparkling clear waters and rest for awhile.

Our trip to Nusa Penida was one of the best experiences we did in Bali. It was truly remarkable and worth it. A must see when you’re in Bali. A piece of paradise that has something unique about it! Also, a big shout out to our driver Komang Falen for patiently waiting in each and every places we’ve been. Not to mention, he is also a good photographer who always giving us recommendations where to take the nicest spots for photos.


Details and Information: 

IG: @visitnusapenida

Meeting point at Sanur Beach at 7:00am just searh on Maps “WARUNG MAK BENG” and when you arrived there ask someone to where the ANANDA RESTAURANT is. Breakfast from this restaurant is included. The boat leaves at 8:00am and a 35 minutes boat ride to Nusa Penida, then at 4:30pm you must be in Nusa Penida harbour and back from Nusa Penida to Bali at 5:00pm. 


– Angels Billabong

– Broken beach

– Kelingking beach

– Crystal bay

INCLUSIONS: Roundtrip ticket for fast boat, breakfast & lunch, private car, petrol, driver as guide, entrance fee to all spots.

Price: 850 IDR/Person

Drivers Contact No.: 082144633433






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